Vogue Lyrics

Written by Tyra Sanchez & Kemille Kemille


I slide through, it’s been a bad day

I drive through

Let me think about you, about you

Be about me, I’m ’bout you

You ’bout who, that’s my boo

That’s my dude

Who, you, do I need to see who on you

Do I need to stress if you’re true

But they don’t know you

Who, all the bitches in the box to the left

Drop ’em


I came into this game, head on tight

Niggas want to fight when I’m in flight

They talk a big game and then it’s showtime

Try’na send me home, but the shows mine

Queen of round two, yeah that’s mine

Thank you honey, don’t cross the line

Is you still talkin’, that’s fine

Talk about this, while I rise


She’s stuntin’, she’s stunnin’

She’s the bitch that’s making all the money

She slayin’, they hatin’

Wildin’ out on the ‘gram, she ain’t playin’

Jet settin’, she’s jettin’

Private flights to London, she’s flexin’

Straight voguin’ and posin’

Death dropping on hoes, she’s chosen


I’m in this, they don’t get it

They hate on me, they want in it

Twitter trolls stay coming for me

I tweet them once to flee

And I’m blockin’ ’em by threes

In my own lane, got my own fame



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