The Sun Goddess had been ruling the day for hours. I watched as she blazed brightly, illuminating the universe for light years beyond my sight. It was the ending of The Great Hour of Excellence and The Sun Goddess patiently sat upon her throne awaiting the arrival of The Moon God. For aeons the greats told legends that during this hour the Sun Goddess chooses only one Light Warrior to visit the earths. According to the legends many of my kind had been chosen before, but only a few of them succeeded in their tasks. The Greats say that it takes a lot to survive on the earths. Legend has it that my kind is not accepted on the earths. For aeons my kind had been taunted, disgraced and many times bullied. The mortals of the earths did not understand my kind and for that my kind had been frowned upon. Everyday I prayed that I would never have to visit a world as wicked as the earths.

As the final minutes of The Great Hour of Excellence approached The Moon God appeared slowly. The Sun Goddess called upon me. I paused for a while, afraid and thinking to myself, Is it me? Am I the chosen one? I’m not ready! I am unprepared for this mission! The bright rays of the Sun Goddess shined across my face. The glow of the Moon God illuminated my eyes. My glow began to spark as I felt the arrival of a spirit. A spirit I had never felt before. The aura of the spirit was a strong essence of happiness and a bold sensation of everlasting life. At that very moment I knew and understood that it was The Spirit of Immortality. It was the spirit The Greats spoke of in their legends.

The Sun Goddess began to speak, “My dear you have been granted four unique powers. You’ve been granted the power to feel deep admiration for anyone or anything elicited by his or her abilities, qualities and achievements. Secondly, you have the power to act or be as you desire. Your greatest and most powerful power of all is…” Before the Sun Goddess could complete her thought the Moon God tenderly whispered, “The power to love without sight.” I asked the Moon God, “What is love?” Together they responded, “You are love.”

I thought to myself how could I have the power to love without sight when I didn’t understand the definition of love. How can I be love if I don’t know love? I felt lost. It was as if I didn’t know who I was anymore. As I thought of what love could be my glow began to sparkle.

The sparks began to simultaneously come from every direction imaginable. I looked to the Sun Goddess. Smiling, she said, “It is time.” I began to panic. I needed more time! I needed to know more! I shouted to the Gods, “What is my fourth power?” but it was too late! My glow was twinkling and sparkling out of control, my transition had begun. I begin to scream, “Wait!” but no sound could be heard. My lips were moving, but no voice emerged. I begin to travel rapidly across the firmament. As I grew further away from the Gods I heard their voices in alternating whispers, “Your fourth power will come to you in due time. You are the chosen one. Bring forth peace, joy and happiness to the earths. For you are The God of Battle.”
As I transported through the firmament and into the skies of the earths my glow began sparkling into flames. Traveling faster than any light warrior had before, I burst into a ball of fire soaring through the skies. I crash-landed in a field surround with efflorescence. The green stems grew tall and the blossoms bloomed brightly with unimaginable colors. The beauty of it all brought back the feeling of happiness. As I looked to the skies I noticed the Moon God had began ruling the night. I paused and looked around for a moment saying to myself in disbelief, I’ve made it. I am here. It was my first aeon on the earths.

Voices pierced through the air. I could tell one was very deep, strong and stern. It was the voice of a male. Someone shouted, “It landed over this way!” The voice was mature and that of a woman. I also heard multiple soft voices of adolescents, but I couldn’t distinguish how many. The voices grew closer and closer. I was afraid. I thought to myself what was I to do? Should I run or should I stay? What if the stories of my kind not being accepted on the earths are true? What will they do to me if they find me here? Will I be tortured? There’s no way The Gods sent me here to be defeated so I began to pull myself out of the crater I created when I plummeted to the earths. As I pulled myself out four beings stood tall in battle formation right before my eyes.