Dear Body

Dear Body, Thank You for binding with my spirit
Thank you for your ability to adapt and to grow
Thank you for the signals, thank you for letting me know
You need a moment to yourself, to relax and refresh
A moment just for you to focus on your health

Dear Body, I promise I’ll do better
Choose better things to eat
I’ll take more moments to caress you
Be more thankful for my feet
Lotion you up, I’ll get on a schedule
Day by day, I’ll be more helpful
Cure you with a mani and pedi
A day at the spa, I’ll bring confetti

Dear Body, I promise I’ll run a mile or two
Whatever it takes to keep up with you
You are my one, my true and my only
I thank God every day for you,
Yeah you da homie

And yeah, I see you’re aging very well
I’m proud of you, you’re fly as hell
I love to feel your heart beat against your chest
It beats for me, it never rests
Your Blood it flows through my veins
It keeps me balanced, it keeps me sane
Though you are only human, it is plain to see
I couldn’t be here without you, for my spirit would just fly free
So Dear Body, thank you for being a major part of me

Thank you for your healing and your soft gentle glow
Thank you for being there with me every where that I go
God made you especially for me and I truly appreciate you so
Together with my spirit, you are my living soul


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